Reading Log Freebie

My old reading log was looking pretty tattered! I made a new one and thought you might like it too!
Download it here for FREE:  Weekly Reading Log


Little Bird's First Facebook Give Away!

My newest Close Reading Resource has flown the nest! 
In celebration I am doing Little Bird Kindergarten's very first GIVE AWAY!

Printed out pretty, organized in a binder & ready to go!! (Vocabulary cards are laminated & cut!)
Plus a TPT gift card (YAY!) & a few other little goodies…. via good old snail mail!
Who doesn't just LOVE getting a package in the mail? 

Just hop on over to my Facebook page  like my page, and leave a comment for a chance to WIN
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This week we will work on our Close Reading for President's Day. Even little learners can learn the reason why we have a day off of school and the importance of remembering and honoring past presidents! Instilling love of country and pride in being patriotic is something I value and try to do a bit of everyday. Here's one of the songs my kids love to sing in the morning after we say The Pledge of Allegiance…..


Valentine Close Reading

Being comfortable using the strategy of teaching close reading has some fun perks! We have been working on the Valentine's Day Close Read, and it brings such a richness and depth to teaching about an ordinary holiday.  The level of interest and engagement is already high since Valentine's Day is this week, but it is so gratifying to hear them make such great connections, and have academic conversations about something we would be doing anyway. I only wish I could be a fly on the wall and listen when they go home and teach their family by referencing the text! Here are some annotations from today….

        Close Reading for Kindergarten & First Grade February March Special Edition

Newspaper Heart Art

We had a little fun today getting in touch with our inner Van Gogh!
But you know that Common Core teachers don't just do one thing so we also….

•Integrated science by painting on newspaper (we're doing Wood & Paper right now, Focus Question: What happens to paper when it gets wet?)
•Made our Valentine Bags for the party on Friday.
•Integrated math by comparing the quantities of hearts we had on our bags.
•Integrated social studies with a discussion about how we were recycling the newspaper to use for something else.

Oh, and…. we found out that we are very talented at making newspaper hearts very artistic and beautiful!   Ya know… we're just good like that. :o)


ABC Valentine… my try!

I posted this idea from Pinterest on my Facebook page a little while back, finally got around to trying it!  Ready to print, cut, attach a little heart candy and go! Pretty easy on the ink too! I printed on card stock and they came out pretty nice! Link below if you would like it too! Enjoy :o)