10 Things Teachers Absolutely LOVE

This list might not be what you think... maybe since it's summer you thought teachers might like a nice vacation, a good book, or a relaxing pedicure? Well of course those things are definitely on the summer list, but as teachers, here's what we really want......

1. Respectful kids. Respectful kids learn respect by how they live. Parents who model good character everyday, good days, bad days, all days. Kids are naturally honest.. they will show us how they live and what they are taught at home - all of it, the good, the bad, and the wonderful.   :o)

2. Parents who put down the phone to be present with their kids. It matters. It matters. It matters.

3. Kids that are rested. We all have late nights once in a while, that's life! That being said though..
kids need their routines and their sleep. Pediatricians reccommend 10 - 12 hours of sleep every night! Growing brains need it. A good night's sleep every night can mean the difference of academic success or failure, and many behavior issues can be all but eliminated when insufficient rest is ruled out as a trigger.

4. Personal Responsibility. Parents who teach their kids that the blame game does not hold up at home, school or in real life. We all need to be personally responsible for our words, our actions and our work. Parents that model this will provide a solid foundation for their kids to grow into responsible adults. When we are wrong, we say we are wrong, we apologize with dignity, learn from mistakes and move on.

5. Thoughtfulness. Being mindful of others feelings. Always.

6.  Kindness. Caring about other people through our words and actions. Everyday.

7. Nutrition.  Young bodies and brains need proper nutrition. We are what we eat. Kids require
proper nutrition and limited sugar and junk in order to thrive to their full potential.

8. Tidiness. Going through the backpack, folder, etc. only takes a few minutes every evening, but it
makes a huge difference! Imagine a class of 28 kids and half of them have overstuffed backpacks, it
makes finding that permission slip or packing up to go home a time stealing task! When kids feel
tidy and organized they feel safe. It makes us feel good, it makes them feel great.

9. Gratitude. We are grateful everyday for you sharing your little ones with us! The best gift you can give your child's teacher is to tell them "thank you". Thank you for teaching my child. Thank you for loving him/her as your own. Gifts are never needed. A heartfelt "thank you" will warm my heart much longer than a cup of coffee ever could!  :o)

10. Parents who ask for help when they need it. We are here to help you! We are in this together! We have spent our lives learning how to help you. Chances are that we have taught someone who has had a similar experience and we have helped them through it. Communication is the key to this partnership and together we can grow a great kid!

This list could go on and on... if you are a teacher, what are some things that you LOVE?

**Update! After over a year of working on it, I have finally completed a new resource to help us try to get (at least a little) of what I mentioned above! Reach Beyond the Classroom: Parenting Pep Talks for All Year Long is now in my store.