Parenting Pep Talks - Best Practice Articles for All Year Long

If you read my last blog post, you probably already have a sense of how passionate I am about teaching kids about responsibility and emotional intelligence. I really, really, am!! 
So much so, that for over a year now, I have been writing parenting articles to send home each week with my students. I really believe that most parents really do the best they can, but as Maya Angelou put it so well . . . .

Back in May I wrote about "10 Things Teachers Absolutely LOVE" I got a lot of great feedback here, as well as on Facebook, so I know that my feelings resonate with a lot of other teachers who face so many challenges in the classroom. So many variables we cannot control. 
So many wishes, so many worries. So much hope.

Parents of today are: busy, stressed, over-worked, and sometimes distracted, but like parents of the past who parented in simpler times, they want the best for their kids.
It is my sincere belief that raising children in this technology filled – too easy to
be distracted life is one of the great challenges of our day. Being deliberate
about thoughtful parenting practices is imperative for our kids to grow, thrive and succeed. It has truly been a labor of love, frustration, concern and hope that I have written these parenting newsletter articles with the future of our families and country in mind.
From my 27 years of experience in working with under resourced parents, I have found that the vast majority have never read a parenting book, magazine, or attended any type of parenting class. What better way to reach our parents than in their child’s folder/backpack? :o)
We as teachers only have so much time, but we have so much to share.
The topics covered in these newsletters are written in a non-threatening format
in order to reach parents where they are at, from us to them as if we were sitting down together for a chat and had time to talk about everything under the sun (but don’t and can’t!) I cover modern topics such as technology, as well as character traits and behavior management. The articles are written with much thought and consideration for addressing common educator concerns with gentleness and respect for parents wherever they are at in their parenting journey.
Even if readers are well equipped, amazing parents and have all of this stuff down pat, validation is as sweet as honey when you are doing an important job that came with no instruction manual! Validation breeds confidence, confidence breeds
even stronger parenting and of course we all know the benefits of strong

Writing this resource does not make me an expert parent! It does, however,
make me an expert of my own experiences of being a parent and a teacher for
many, many, years who has seen many examples of parenting over the years, the good , the bad and the well, you know. My husband and I have raised two sensitive, kind, and well educated young adults that I am so proud of.  :o)

An expert, no. A person who wants to help other people with the struggle, yes.
I have been a working mom/person my whole life. It is HARD to do it all. I hope to communicate through my writing the perspective of someone who has been there, but has also been on the side of seeing the adverse effects of the less
than desirable parenting behaviors.
I have written LOTS of close reading passages for little learners that I am honored to say have been used by thousands of teachers all over the country and
I like to think of this resource as close reading for parents!  :0)

Can I get an AMEN?!!

May parents read these articles and find inspiration, validation, understanding, and hope for the greatest, and most noble adventure life has to offer. Each newsletter also has an inspiring quote to go along with the theme of the passage. The newsletters are appropriate for parents of Pre-K through the elementary grades, and I’m quite sure even high school parents could glean a thing or two!
This resource provides 35 “Trending Topics”, simple, to-the-point, purposeful articles - (pep talks if you will!) one for each week of the school year, offering tips, advice, gentle reminders and inspiration for the most current parenting topics and dilemmas as well as a thought provoking and inspirational quote for each topic. Each article is written with thoughtfulness and respect for the difficult job that parents face.
Whether you copy and share as a stand alone Parent Communication OR copy on the backside of your weekly newsletter, you are imparting important information that parents may not have access to otherwise. 
The newsletters are not written in any particular order, or consecutive at all, they could even be shared as needed by topic (wink, wink!)

I began sending the articles home in my kids' backpacks last year. I received good feedback, and I think the ones that read them looked forward to getting them each week!
I know that some will not read them, but hopefully the ones that do, will find some comfort in knowing that I (we) care about, and understand the challenges they face as parents. 

If you decide to send these articles home to nurture and support your parents each week, let me know how it goes! Thanks so much!

School Site License also available HERE.


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