Click Clack, MOO!!

We are SO lucky! Next week we will be going on a field trip to see The Childsplay performance of "Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type"! We have had so much fun reading, writing, and talking "MOO"! I have been reading this story for years and had a few writing prompts that I created, but since we have the trip coming up I thought I'd make a few more fun resources for us to use! The kids have loved using them, and the storytelling center is alive with lots of great language and expression!

           Click Clack Moo Oral Language and Writing Centers

             Childsplay: Theatre for Everyone Tempe, Arizona

** Click Clack Moo** update:
The field trip was so much fun! The kids LOVED the performance, it was so well done! The acting, singing, music and sets were all great! If you live nearby , we highly reccommend it! 


All By Herself!

We have been using this center for awhile, but today I spied one of my students just working so independently that I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures! What fun to see kids at work authentically practicing their skills. They read the words on the cards, match the pictures, stamp the words and write them too! It's amazing to watch them learn to be so independent and proud of what they can do all by themselves!

CVC Words Learning Center: Read It, Stamp It, Write It!


Little Writers!


What is it about kids and writing around the room?!

Writing around the room - they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 
The magic is in the conversations that happen as they are finding, writing, discussing,
and being just so grown-up in doing their important work! 
Authentic oral language using acadmic vocabulary, and writing practice at its best!

Top reasons why they love it:
1. The clipboard, of course!
2. The thrill of the search around the room for the pictures and words!
3. The non-threatening saying and writing of big, grown-up words!  
4  My theory... When kids love doing something, it is because appropriate practice has met
    them where they are at ability wise!  Ahhh, what a refreshing concept!
Top reasons why I love it:
1. The clipboard {GREAT fine motor practice, holding the board up and writing at
    angle helps to build those wrist and hand muscles!}
2.  The thrill of the search - visually discriminating, noticing pictures, letters, words, in
     other words, the world around them!
3.  The big delicious words - hello oral language! Gets them talking and elaborating about
     subject matter!
4.  Appropriate practice, independent, engaging, and super oral language eliciting    {especially when  done with a partner}!

My kids have been LOVING the space vocabulary, but we will soon start the Transportation and Valentine's editions! They are ready to print and go!

 Valentine Write Around the Room & Fun Stuff Learning Centers

                       Space Words Write Around the Room