What is it about kids and writing around the room?!

Writing around the room - they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! 
The magic is in the conversations that happen as they are finding, writing, discussing,
and being just so grown-up in doing their important work! 
Authentic oral language using acadmic vocabulary, and writing practice at its best!

Top reasons why they love it:
1. The clipboard, of course!
2. The thrill of the search around the room for the pictures and words!
3. The non-threatening saying and writing of big, grown-up words!  
4  My theory... When kids love doing something, it is because appropriate practice has met
    them where they are at ability wise!  Ahhh, what a refreshing concept!
Top reasons why I love it:
1. The clipboard {GREAT fine motor practice, holding the board up and writing at
    angle helps to build those wrist and hand muscles!}
2.  The thrill of the search - visually discriminating, noticing pictures, letters, words, in
     other words, the world around them!
3.  The big delicious words - hello oral language! Gets them talking and elaborating about
     subject matter!
4.  Appropriate practice, independent, engaging, and super oral language eliciting    {especially when  done with a partner}!

My kids have been LOVING the space vocabulary, but we will soon start the Transportation and Valentine's editions! They are ready to print and go!

 Valentine Write Around the Room & Fun Stuff Learning Centers

                       Space Words Write Around the Room 

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