Click Clack, MOO!!

We are SO lucky! Next week we will be going on a field trip to see The Childsplay performance of "Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type"! We have had so much fun reading, writing, and talking "MOO"! I have been reading this story for years and had a few writing prompts that I created, but since we have the trip coming up I thought I'd make a few more fun resources for us to use! The kids have loved using them, and the storytelling center is alive with lots of great language and expression!

           Click Clack Moo Oral Language and Writing Centers

             Childsplay: Theatre for Everyone Tempe, Arizona

** Click Clack Moo** update:
The field trip was so much fun! The kids LOVED the performance, it was so well done! The acting, singing, music and sets were all great! If you live nearby , we highly reccommend it! 

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