Informational Text: Butterfly Close Read

This was by far the best "close read" of  informational text we have done so far! It took TIME to do. The first day we read the text and really got into the juicy vocabulary words. The kids loved it, I am still kind of amazed at how focused they stayed. They loved the phrase "eating machines" ( I related it to my son and his college friends!) and they loved the word "emerged". On the second day we re-read, they had their copy of the text and pointed to read along. We reviewed the vocabulary and discussed the facts that we learned from this particular text. The writing they did was great! It was fun hearing them using those juicy words with their partners as they talked about thier facts that they would be writing! I also overheard some of those juicy words being used at the storytelling center for the Butterfly Life Cycle re-tell!

Butterfly Life Cycle Uncovered! Common Core Literacy and Math Activities and Learning Centers


  1. Hi Pam,
    Your butterfly unit looks like so much fun! I'm sure your kids had a blast learning about butterflies.

    Crockett's Classroom . . . Forever in Third Grade

  2. Your kiddos did an awesome job with their butterfly writing!

  3. How fun! Their writing is very impressive :) Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. I love the drawings they did too! Precious!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

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  9. Hi Pam,
    I love your pumpkin life cycle!! You were such an amazing teacher, and I love your blog, and of course all that you offer on TPT. Love and miss you sweet friend!! Patty Mack

    1. Hi Patty! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! YOU are an amazing teacher, I learned so much from you! Love and miss you too! xoxo