More Butterfly News!

This has been such a fun couple of weeks!  I am so impressed with the language I am hearing in coversations, retells, and seeing in writing! There is nothing better than seeing those little ones show evidence of understanding content in their speaking and writing! I am so glad that I started out the unit with the Butterfly Close Reading activity. They have used so many of the juicy words in the many activites we have done, and have demonstrated some pretty sophisticated learning about some really meaningful concepts. I LOVE watching their writing grow like crazy at this time of the year. I think it's really my favorite thing about kindergarten!
Here are some of the cutie words I have seen this last couple of weeks.....

emerges    = eemerjis
nectar       = netker
chrysalis    = krisis
beautiful   = boodeefl
caterpillar = cadrpilr
changes    =  chajis

For our writing today we used one of the writing prompts from the Butterfly Lifecycle Unit.
"If a butterfly could talk, what do you think it would say at each stage
of it's development?" They were priceless. My favorite though - (for being inside the chrysalis)
"its dok in heer" translation.... "It's dark in here"  (!!) I love my kids :o)
It is so fun to watch them eemerj as speakers, readers and writers!

- Update -

We are winding up our unit - finished working on our research projects today, they are SO great!
(Will share soon!) Had to share this though... they completed their story sticks today to retell the story of the Butterfly Life Cycle with their partners...... SO cute and fun to watch and listen!! I love hearing them describe in their own words, it is priceless and amazing to hear how far they have come!

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