Timing Isn't Everything!

Well I was a little bummed when our caterpillars didn't make it in time for the majority of our insect unit, but I was pleasantly surprised today when I heard a cute little conversation happening! The language and comprehension about what is going on, and will be happening to our caterpillars was priceless!  Lots of those juicy words from our Butterfly Informational Text Close Reading Activity
were being used, and the retell of the life cycle of the butterfly had some extra enthusiasm with the little critters close by. I heard a.....  "Do you think they know were telling a story about them?"
Too cute. So maybe, in this case anyway, timing isn't everything!

FYI: The caterpillars are from Insect Lore.

Time to say good-bye! 
A Class Meeting was held to determine "What would be the best thing for our butterflies?"...
It was decided that they would be much happier "in nature" and that then they would be free to
have families and find lots of flowers to drink nectar. So we unzipped their ceiling and they made their way into the trees of our playground, with much applause I might add! What a great way to enter the world :o)

Now.... time for eggs and chicks!!

No matter how many times I do this butterfly thing - it just never gets old. Watching life happen
right in front of your eyes, and watching my little ones react and discover is such a gift :o)

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  1. Butterflies is one of my favorite units! I am not teaching butterflies this year, so it was extra fun to journey with you and your butterflies through your post. You teaching style and blogging style resonant with me. I am glad I found your blog through TpT!
    Forever A Teacher, Forever A Learner