Teen Numbers and Beginning Place Value

Wow… seems like it gets earlier every year, but we are already teaching teen numbers! (not that they will all get it yet!!) I, like most of you I'm sure, talk about the teen numbers naturally when we do the calendar, how many days in school etc. The little high flyers are naturally grabbing on and curious, so they are really enjoying the "new" numbers being added to our number of the day routine. When I created the Number Sense Anchor Charts for Little Learners (0-10) I wanted a resource that was very crisp, clean and easy to read, so that's exactly what I created. I recently published Number Sense Anchor Charts for Little Learners (11-20). These were also created with the "clean and crisp" in mind, but I also wanted to add the component of beginning place value. Every number shows multiple representations of 10 and …. or 10 + ….  (ten frame, dice, tallies, hands, linking cubes, kids) as well as the numeral itself with directional arrows for writing, and the number name.
Number sense is such a challenge! For some kids it is so natural, and for many it requires a very deliberate approach to help them "see" the math, not just memorize the symbol.  I really try to teach my kids (starting with the calendar) to think of teen numbers as 10 + another number. When we are counting objects we always make a group of ten first, and then a group of whatever is left.

I discovered "Harry Kindergarten Music" songs that are great for supporting instruction too!
Here are a couple of his video songs that my kids are loving!

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  1. Any chance you will bundle your number posters on TPT?