Happy Mother's Day! (Here's a little Freebie for you!)

Happy Mother's Day! Even if you're not a "mom" I know you are a mom to all of your school kiddos.
I mean how many times do we get called "mom" or "mama" and then get that cute little grin.... oops I called her mom :o) love that.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! There is no more important or noble job than that of a mother. A friend of mine recently gave birth to two BEAUTIFUL baby girls. I saw a post on Facebook where she said, "Why didn't anyone tell me how wonderful being a mom is?" That really just says it all doesn't it?

I will be spending my Mother's Day watching my son play golf (NAIA Men's Golf National Championships! in Oregon... far from home) and then coming home to watch my sweet daughter graduate from high school.
What an amazing week it will be. I am so blessed, and so thankful for being mom to my son and daughter, and my many little ones throughout the last 24 years. :o)

Here is a little freebie for you just in case you might still need a little Mother's Day card for your
little ones to make!

Best wishes for a relaxing and peaceful Mother's Day!

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