Oral Language in Kindergarten...

Oral language in kindergarten is the key..... to everything else.
They may not be able to do it all yet,  but eventually.....
If they can speak it they can write it.
If they can speak it they can sound it out.
If they can speak it they can record it.
If they can speak it they can explain it.
If they can speak it they can share it and teach it to someone else.

It is not by accident that this magic has happened. It is by intention, planning, hard work, long days,
and LOTS of questioning and speaking opportunities and practice in meaningful ways everyday.

I truly believe that it is the most important skill a kindergarten kid should possess to be ready
for all that awaits in life, first grade, and beyond.

Communicating and articulating their thoughts, ideas, opinions, and knowledge,  in complete, connected, meaningful sentences, That....... is music to my ears. I will enjoy every minute of this for the next 6 days, until it is time to start over again.  :o)

These little partners are retelling the Life Cycle of the Sea Turtle with their cute little craftivity.
A little later in the day we had the i-pads, and the same little sweetie said "Look I drew the life cycle of the sea turtle! Can you see the clutch of eggs Mrs. Davidson?" I love it when they make my day and they don't even know it. Or maybe they do :o)

*Note to self: read this post in September, and again in October as a reminder.... it might be slow in coming but it will happen if you don't give up!

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  1. Oral Language has been the key to success in my ELD classroom as well. Thanks for the great reminder.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach