Name Puzzles... with a twist!

I have been making name puzzles  f o r e v e r!! If I had a nickel for every name puzzle I've made over
the years, well. I'd have a lot of nickels!

I could never start out the year and forget about making them, because it never fails that the first week of school lots of little ones show up not recognizing, or writing their names.

I write student names twice on sentence strips: once as a model, and once with spaces. Laminate and cut. Place in baggies for students to use in identifying letters in their names, placing in order, and for modeling writing and finding letters to spell out (magnetic letters) or stamp out with ABC stamps! I have created a 
"FREEBIE" with practice pages to add a twist and make it even more fun... go to Teachers Pay Teachers and 
download yours now! 

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