8th Day of Kindergarten - Getting started with Close Reading!

If you had told me at this time last year that I would be doing a Close Reading activity with my kinder kids on the 8th day of school I would have said you were  cuh- ray- zee!! We did it, and it was fun!  They were surprisingly interested and engaged! I am excited to go back for more tomorrow on Day 2, let them read chorally with me, and let them "take notes" with their annotations page, I'm sure they will be priceless! In the text we read today, there was a sentence that talked about how "teachers care about their students" - as we re-read the text and discussed the vocabulary, I drew a heart above the word "care". You better believe they all knew where you could find the part in the text that referred to the teacher caring about them! They are so cute. Oh the places we'll go!
Here's a picture of the text up on the Smart Board with my highlights and drawing all over it!
This text is part of a Quarter 1 Close Reading Bundle for Kindergarten and First Grade.
It is available on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Close Reading for Kindergarten & First Grade: Getting Started Quarter 1


  1. I taught K for two years and am now in First and getting started with close reading (heading to a workshop in Oct.) How do you introduce the passages and annotations (small/whole group), especially when the reading levels are 2-4 grade? When do you allow them to do the annotations or are they always done by you on the whiteboard? Sorry for all the questions and if this would be better over email please let me know. ashleyaevans@hotmail.com

  2. Hi Ashley.. Thanks for your comment! I introduce the passages whole group, and because my students are not readers yet, they are listening as I read and point to the words. I have them listen for words they aren't familiar with and I highlight them on the SB in front of them. LOTS of discussion takes place. Days 2 and 3 are re-reads with lots of questions. I give lots of instructions and details about this in my Close Reading resources. The annotations are at first more of "I do, you do" and they eventually progress to finding words and phrases they want to annotate. I find the level of my passages to be just right so as to create interest, and have "layers available to peal back". Hope this helps a little bit! I have lots of first grade teachers who are having lots of success with my close reads, best of luck to you! :o)

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