Groundhog Day Close Reading

Ready for Groundhog Day?
I am so excited to talk about Groundhog Day with my kids! It is something that I think is really fun, and could be made more academic and standard aligned…. so I have tried to put a little more interest and meaning into it this year by writing a Close Reading Passage about it!
I think they are going to really enjoy it and there are lots of writing extensions to go with it including a reporting page about what the groundhog predicts and what they predict! I found a cute little video too that shows great pictures of the burrowing system etc. of this little critter (below).
I'll update this post after we do some of the activities!

   Close Reading for Kindergarten & First Grade February March Special Edition

This was fun! I love when we work on annotations after doing our close reading for a couple of days how the kids find their own special words and phrases that stick with them. No matter their ability level, different things in the text resonate with different kids. I love it when some of those little quiet ones raise their hand and softly tell me the word they are looking for in the text. I re-read the sentence for them, point to the words and let them help me find it. The smile that comes from finding "their" word... So cute, sweet, and smart! Now that... is close engagement with text!

    Groundhog puppet and song - an old craft with a new song!


  1. Love this. Do you know when you will have your Close Readings ready for April?

  2. Hi Christy -
    I had started working on Quarter 4, but have been sidelined a bit due to my father's illness. He is home now so life should get back to normal and I can get back to work on them soon. I am hoping to have them up and ready to go by mid February.
    Thanks :o)