Happy New Year & Christmas cards on a ring

Hello there! 
Happy New Year! New beginnings are always good :o)
I have found myself more than ever looking forward to the year ahead and
focusing on handling all of the curve balls that life throws in a positive, grace-filled way.

I am not making "resolutions" - since that feels too much like my "inner-bully" who I have shunned from my life forever (you must read this article by the amazing Rachel Macy Stafford of Hands Free Mama). Even though her children are much younger than mine, her writings have been such an inspiration to me in so many ways as a mother, but mostly just as a human.

Two little projects:
So I began this year by putting all of the great cards, letters and pictures on a book ring and tying some ribbon to it - seriously a 15 minute project, the most "scrapbooking" I've done in a long time, and it's actually a finished project! Yay me! I also bought a jar at Hobby Lobby (50% off right now too!) and used a chalkboard label sticker to make a memory jar for us to fill up with ticket stubs, pictures, basically just any artifacts/evidence of fun & good times!

We have always been a spontaneous family, but I am finding that with college kids spontaneity is not a very successful strategy, they are too busy and always on the go, and so…
we must do a better job of planning ahead, we can do this!

Resolutions, nope. Not doing it…… I am, however, making plans:

Plans to plan ahead - if it's not on the calendar it's probably not going to happen.
Plans to be intentional about filling up our memory jar for this year.
Plans to slow down long enough to stop and smell the roses.
Plans to forgive myself if when I fall short of my plans. :o)

Happy New Year friends….
Be happy, be well, be kind to yourself.

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