Read Across America

Are you celebrating Read Across America this week at your school? We had so much fun yesterday!
In the midst of all of these assessments (ugh!) it was so nice to take time to do something kid friendly which we all know testing is not! We had a parade of storybook characters and the kids all voted for their favorites... I thought I was a shoe-in for MY kids votes, but no… only about half voted for our beloved Olivia, most went for the other piggies - The Three Ninja Pigs! Darn it!  They were awfully cute though! At least we kept it in the family (the pig family that is - ha!)

I had a set of 36 little store bought Dr. Seuss hats that I wasn't going to use so we used them to make Cat in the Hat posters for our writing. They ran with it! I was so impressed with their Dr. Seuss art!
I have to remember this - they rarely have the opportunity to use one of those large pieces of construction paper, but boy oh boy did that inspire the details. They were SO quiet working on their posters and just so proud when they were finished. What a nice day :o)


  1. Hi, you sure do make a cute Olivia! As the author of The Three Ninja Pigs, I am very excited to hear that they made an appearance too! Any chance you gave a photo you could send me? Also, I'd be very happy to send Ninja Pigs bookmarks to you class. Just send me an address if you are interested. Thanks!

  2. Hi Corey! I am so thrilled that you saw my post! Wow! I am pretty sure there is a picture floating around, I will check with those teachers and get back to you soon! My kids would LOVE bookmarks :o) I have 31 (!) kindergarten kiddos, here's my email address, could you send me your email and I'll send you my school address? Thanks so much!

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