Spring Has Come!

We worked on our "Spring Has Come" poetry close reading today. Our text connections were so strong! They were really talkative with their partners and had so much to say that it was a bit challenging to keep the conversations just about the text. That's the great thing about close reading though! If you veer off the road and personal schema takes over for a few minutes & they are creating understanding for themselves about the subject, it is easy to get back on track by going back to the text. We also did a Spring:  is      we can      feels    chart to get the writing party started. They came up with the best ideas based on the conversations they had with their partners spinning off the text.
My favorite was this analogy:
"Spring is like baby bear's porridge, it's juuuusst right!" Okay, I mean really, how CUTE is that?
And their writing? Don't even get me started! This time of the year is just the icing on the cake for kinder teachers, isn't it? They just have no fear! They are ready to celebrate spring! "We can flay a cat"!
and "Rit a scootr"!
 I just can't get enough  :o)

The chart elements, seasons flow chart, writing prompts and poetry passages are all included

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