Losing Teeth!! Close Reading and Cheeky Fun!

I have always loved spring in Kindergarten for so many reasons!  Everything just starts clicking! They read, they write, they get along (most of the time!) and they lose teeth! Almost everyday someone is losing a tooth, totally snaggletoothed with a wiggly one, or is reporting something tooth related! It is exciting for some, scary for some, and wondrous for all! I decided to write my first stand alone close reading resource all about this most important right of passage in the life of littles! It might seem trivial to most of us, but it most certainly is not for them! We had so much fun this week working on our close read and all of the extension activities! One thing was for sure, this subject made for great writing prompts! They could all relate to the topic and loved learning about what's happening  in their mouths, and they all have their own story to tell!

 They used little mirrors to look at their teeth, find their gaps, so they could document their smiles
with a cheeky little art project! They became very observant of each other's grins too! Our mini word walls were located at each table and were very handy for our writing all week long!

Losing Teeth Informational Close Reading Words & Pictures Literacy Mini Unit

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