Organizing Your Time Freebie

With Spring Break coming to an end, (boo!) it's time to start thinking about getting back to school.
I am a list person. Always have been. When I am looking ahead to the school week ahead  I like to have a single page calendar that I can lay out my week on. I use one color pen for home stuff, and another color for school. It really helps me organize my thoughts and keep track of everything going on. I refer back to it during the week and usually keep it in my purse or school bag so that I can cross off or add to. I created a new one to use and thought you might like it too! It's Rae Dunn inspired for all you Rae Dunn fans out there! Hope your first week back is a good one!!

Here's a quick link to my shop, so you can grab the
Week-at-a-Glance Printable Calendar FREEBIE!

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