Apple Close Reading and Fun!

We worked on "Apples Sweet" the last couple of days (Close Reading poetry passage).
We are in the middle of our fall unit, and have read several books about apples, so timing was good and
we had established lots of good background information. It was our first poetry close read, and it was really fun! They loved acting out the peeling, slicing, and biting vocabulary, and talking about the apple seeds. We worked on annotations the second day, and they did much better this time than the last at zoning in on words that they were interested in annotating. It is really interesting to watch them process the information and then create the pictorial representations to create connections to the text.
Just for fun... we taste tested (tied into our talk about the 5 senses last week) red, green, and yellow apples with peanut butter and caramel (just like in the poem!) Of course they loved it, and then they posted their vote for their favorite way to eat apples on our graph. ( I created the graph, laminated it for future use) and had them use sticky notes for their votes. We didn't have time for a full blown apple unit, but it tied in nicely to our fall unit, and sure was a fun way to bite :o)  into the content, while attacking reading, math and science objectives!
(Apples Sweet Close Reading activity with annotations page and writing prompts/Apple Tasting Graph
elements are all included in my  Close Reading for Kindergarten & First Grade Quarter 2 Bundle)

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