Bits About Bats!

We had a little time in the last couple of days so we spent some time learning about Bats while practicing our close reading strategies too! I recently added a close reading activity with writing extensions to my Bits About Bats! mini unit. So fun! They really loved it, here are a few pictures of some of their annotations,  (Since people have been asking for examples... the top annotation is mine) The day we annotated we went from floor to table first just to circle the title. Back to the floor and we discussed nocturnal, I annotated (with the sun for daytime). We also talked about the phrase "upside down". After this they went back to their seats to annoated. I support during this time by helping them to find words or phrases in the text (if they have trouble) that they wish to make reference to by circling the word(s) and drawing an arrow to annotate/illustrate.  I'll add some more pictures this week!

I have a page of resources listed in unit, here is one of the videos from National Geographic kids! 
(Here is the link as well:  Wild Detectives: Bats By Night)
Can't use U-Tube at school? Me neither! Try! 
You can download at home and save to your flashdrive :o)

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