Investigation! Pumpkins Uncovered!

The little detective / scientists have been busy investigating pumpkins this week! The Pumpkins Close Read has been going well, lots of somewhat familiar, but juicy words to talk about! Annotiations will be next.
Yesterday we did our investigation page for science. We measured the circumference with yarn, checked to see if it was heavy or light, and then we got messy! Cut it open to see if it had LOTS of pulp or only a little !
We counted the seeds and put them into piles of 10's so we could count them by 10's. It was a bit challenging to say the least with 30 and just little ol' me, but we got it done! We let the seeds dry out overnight so they could glue a few seeds to their Investigation page this morning. I love how thrilled they were with the whole experience, and the natural use of great language that happened as a result. I was thinking how it would be fun to let them do two investigations for two pumpkins so that they could compare :o) but then I came to my senses and remembered how pooped I was, so there will not be a second one! LOL!

    Pumpkin Life Cycle: Common Core Galore Literacy Activites and Learning Centers!

We have been practicing retelling the Life Cycle of the Pumpkin with the felt figures in centers (so awesome to hear re-tells with non-fiction!). On Thursday we made our individual story sticks and practiced re-telling with partners. They did so GREAT! It was one of those activities that made me glad that we invested the time and energy to go deeper into the content. The re-tells and the conversations that followed were so rich. Full of relevant vocabulary and questions. It is also amazing to think about the number of objectives crossing content areas that come into play in a culmination activity such as this. Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts all rolled up in to one big orange ball!

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