Pumpkins Close Read Annotations (Kindergarten)

SO sorry this is so late in getting posted! My "real" job has been kicking my booty lately!!
We did our Pumpkins Close Read a couple of weeks ago and the kids did a great job on the annotations. :o)  It is NOT about Halloween! It is a great passage for anytime of year.
We did the annotations on the second day after re-reading. It looked much like the annotations portion of the Bats close read. I annotated one thing at a time on the smartboard (sorry I didn't get a picture of this), and then kiddos went back to seats to do what I did.

•Discussion/modeling about the title and the word pumpkins - kiddos back to seats to circle title and highlight the word pumpkins then back to floor.
•Discussion/modeling about the sun/soil/water - kids back to seats to circle text and annotate with illustrations. After this they were interested in annotating other words or phrases that resonated with them. (Some drew seeds, flowers, etc.)
My role during this time is to support when they are looking for words within the text. It always amazes me the amount of words they remember from the readings that they are still interested in finding and annotating, or calling attention to in some way!

•This activity is included in my Pumpkin Life Cycle resource. It is not in the
Close Reading for Kindergarten & First Grade Quarter 2 Bundle. The Quarterly Bundles have
totally different passages (no repeats!) than what I include in my other resources (if someone purchases more than one of my resources I want them to have all new stuff!!)
•For "highlighting" we use  yellow and orange crayons!

Thanks for your patience!
More on Close Reading in Kindergarten coming soon!

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