Chicken Life Cycle: The Oral Retell.... they are getting good!

Complete sentences from reluctant speakers, oh my! So exciting to hear little voices during The Chicken Life Cycle Retell today! Wow, they have come a   l  o  n  g  way! I can't imagine learning to speak another language in such short time and being able to do it so well. I am a proud mama hen :o)

On another note about our chick unit:
The "Chick Patrol" was in full gear today reporting about the conditions of the incubator and eggs,
here are a couple of reports! (Just in case you're wondering, some of the reporters wrote a 12 and crossed it out to make an 11, this was to note the unfortunate fact that one of our little eggs cracked, oozed, and had to be removed from the incubator, yuck!)

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