Life After Chicks.... ( Sea Turtles )

Moving forward! Out with the cute and fluffy and on to the Sea Turtles! It felt GOOD today to clean up after our furry friends went back to the feed store farm. The teacher farmer was ready for them to go home! We started out with the Sea Turtle close reading, and read the Gail Gibbons book Sea Turtles.
We started our can/have/are anchor chart and next week we'll be ready for making annotations from the close read, and then writing facts. We'll also do our sea turtle writing craftivity, they will love this one, and it focuses on the life cycle of the sea turtle, so we should hear some great language happening too!
I love how now that they are familiar with retelling the life cycle of animals it comes so much more naturally for them to tell it almost like a story. I heard a "Once upon a time... today at the storytelling center" :o).

Here is the link to my Sea Turtle unit:
Sea Turtle Life Cycle Literacy, Science & Math Activities & Centers


  1. Hi there! I found your blog off of the TpT thread. I am loving your Sea Turtle Unit. Such great ideas and activities. I love the "can/have/are" chart... I could totally do something like that with my second graders! I'm loving your blog. It's adorable!

    :) Samantha
    Making Lemonade in Second Grade

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