Non Standard Measurement with Beanstalks!

Non standard measurement is a common core objective, and we found an engaging way to do it!
We had SO much fun today measuring our bean plants! It was so interesting to do something more than just the observations of their growth! (Although we sure like doing that too!)

 It was so fun to hear all of the "math talk" happening, and all of the great questions and conversations that occurred!

We measured with linking cubes, paper clips, crayons, and beans
Here are some of the questions I asked...

Are all of our plants going to have the same measurements? Why or why not?
Which unit that you measured with had the most? The least?
Why did the beans/linking cubes have more?

They really got into it! Double checking before they recorded and agreeing or disagreeing with their partner so that they had to show evidence of their thinking, and why they recorded what the did. Wow!
It went so great that I almost wish it had been an evaluation lesson for me! (Okay maybe that's going too far, but it did go well!) Let me know if you try this!

Here is the link to this Jack and the Beanstalk unit:
Jack and the Beanstalk Literacy Fun Activities & Centers

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