Fee Fi Fo Fum! Kinders cannot live on chicks alone!

I LOVE our Chick unit! But..... 21 days seems like forever when you're waiting for them to hatch! We are simultaneously working on Jack and the Beanstalk! It has been so much fun! Yesterday we worked on our Writing Craftivity (the writing took a couple of days). They are getting ready for their end of the year benchmark for Common Core Literature and writing elements, and they don't even know it!
We have read the book 4, maybe 5 times now, and it is so fun to hear them say the Fee Fi Fo Fum..... part! Even better was seeing what they wrote in their Giant's speech bubble, here is my favorite:

Free Fi  Fum
I small a bud uv a ingish boy
Be he ded or life I will gan
his bos to mak my bred!

I'll say it again... kid writing is just about my favorite thing in the whole wide world!
Here's a little peek at our Jack and the Beanstalk work so far:


  1. I love your Jack and the Beanstalk activity. It is so creative and I'm sure your kids are having a great time. I teach 2nd grade but I think my kids would love doing "My Beanstalk to the Castle" activity. We are working with plants right now so what a creative idea for extending the lesson! Thanks for sharing.
    Love Teaching Kids

    1. Thanks Jennifer! My kids had so much fun with all the activites, I was sorry for the fun to end!
      Thanks for the sweet comments :o)

  2. Now that is cute!! I love the castle with the beanstalk. Your blog is so cute.

    Owl About Us

  3. Ifound you on the tpt forum and I LOVE your blog! The chick unit is awesome and I really like the Jack and the Beanstalk! You are so creative!



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