Precious Moment

We have been working on our "Chicks!" Close Reading Activity.
Today was our third encounter with the text, and they were doing great with understanding the vocabulary and were ready to go a little deeper. So I broke out the student annotation pages and they really went to town! I love this time of year when everything just starts making sense to them and they can apply all of these great skills, it really is the icing on the cake!
What was I going to tell you??  Oh yes, precious moment.  (When we do annotations I have the kids talk to their partners about information in the text that they found particularly interesting and then write some notes about it on their annotation page so that they can use these notes to help them write facts the next time we encounter this text.) One of my boys wrote A LOT (for him), and I spied his partner pointing her finger on his page to read HIS words back to him. He was tongue-in-cheek (literally) proud of her reading his words back to him and prasing him! I snuck up behind them and took a picture of their sweet moment. Made my day, and his too.  :o)

     Life Cycle of The Chicken Uncovered! Integrated Literacy and Science Unit

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