Life Cycle of a Chicken - Here we go!

Adventures in Chicks:  Day 1
Well, today was the day. The eggs finally arrived, I think (I hope) we got the conditions just right in the incubator, put the cute little eggs in their warm home and hope for the best! They arrived in a typical egg carton, but it is so fun knowing that they are special eggs!

Incubator in a safe "out of the way place" - check.
Temperature 100 degreees - check.
Humidity 58 % - check.
Calendar for counting down 21 days - nope... next on the list!

    Chicken Life Cycle Uncovered Literacy & Science Activities & Centers

(This unit does not require hatching chicks! It primarily focuses on the Chicken Life Cycle!)

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  1. I found your blog on the TpT forum. You have an adorable blog. I love what you've shared with everyone. Thank you so much!

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